items in my junk drawer:

  • sharpies, ball point pens, fineline markers
  • chromatic pitch instrument
  • stationery
  • gifts purchased for my team at work
  • personal alarm and two canisters of pepper spray
  • envelope full of rewards and credit cards I never use
  • paper checks I didn’t want or need
  • scissors
  • stamps
  • post-its
  • blank postcard
  • envelope full of keys
  • scented sachet
  • air freshener for my car
  • command hooks
  • $10 coupon for a local bike shop
  • kitty cat washi tape
  • flash drives
  • hex key
  • bublr tag
  • binder clip
  • felt pads
  • list of local chiropractors who practice KST

item not currently in my junk drawer:

  • the usb connector for my wireless mouse (grrr…)

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