spending a year locked in a 428 sq ft, never-been-lived-in studio apartment made me determined to find a place with a balcony at the end of my lease. it’s such a simple thing – the act of opening a sliding glass door and stepping out into fresh air goes a long, long way towards making me feel much freer and less like a caged animal.

my new sense of blissful freedom had me puzzled as to why none of my neighbors made use of their balconies. lots of outdoor furniture, string lights, and plants seem to indicate residency but no one is ever outside. for the better part of two months I’ve had the expansive parking lot view all to myself, until today, when I glanced over my shoulder during what I thought was a private speakerphone conversation (lol) and noticed four people crowded cozily on the balcony to the west. by the time my call was through, the four had disappeared and where there was only an empty platform yesterday, there is now a utility bistro table and two non-matching chairs.

maybe my rapidly growing tomato plant will afford us all a little privacy without making me appear anti-social?

Give me your two cents?

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